AutoSound ™—Hear Life at the Speed of Sound

It’s been said that the only constant is change. This is especially true when it comes to all the sounds, and sound levels, found in the thousands of locations our busy lives take us: a sports stadium that goes from a dull roar to thunderous cheering at a moment’s notice; inside a moving car where the engine’s hum competes with conversation; in a noisy classroom where voices are continually rising and falling. Each of these environments presents unique hearing challenges—even to those with normal hearing.

AutoSound captures the widest range of sound of any cochlear implant system
AutoSound—Optimized Hearing for Virtually any Environment

Hands-Free Convenience 
The human ear automatically compensates for ever-changing sound levels without us realizing it. Harmony ™ is the only cochlear implant to offer AutoSound ™ technology, which uses a wide dynamic range and programmable volume control to automatically adjust the processor to the optimal setting for virtually any environment. So, like a normal ear, your hearing is optimized for the listening conditions at hand—without the need to manually change settings or fiddle with processor controls. So you can concentrate on what you’re listening to, not on making sure your implant is working at its best.

Hear a Wider Range of Sound 
AutoSound captures the widest range of sound—up to 80 dB—of any cochlear implant system. This wide range allows you to hear everything from a whisper to a shout and all points in between. Other cochlear implants capture a range as narrow as 30 dB, forcing you to choose which sounds you want to hear; once you’ve decided, you then have to manually flip a switch to set the processor. Only AutoSound automatically adjusts the volume control so you hear loud sounds comfortably while still detecting softer sounds naturally.
HiRes Provides Better Speech Recognition in Noisy Environments
Most cochlear implant users hear pretty well in quiet environments but report difficulty hearing when it’s noisy. Research reveals that AB recipients using HiRes understood soft speech and speech in noise more easily than recipients of other cochlear implants without HiRes.1

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