Text Box: The World’s FIRST and Only Swimmable Sound Processor!

Discover Neptune™, the first and only SWIMMABLE sound processor in the world. Whether you enjoy taking a dip in the pool on a warm day or bonding with your child at bath time, Neptune delivers hearing during these important activities. Jump in the pool, sing in the shower, and hear your best with the revolutionary Neptune processor! 
Neptune users never have to worry about removing their processors as they approach the pool, take a shower, or prepare for bath time. The Neptune has been tested in 3 meters deep chlorinated water, and has been dunked in and out of bathwater over 300 times!

Advanced Waterproof Technology
Swim, splash, soak!
Hear and communicate at the pool
Bond and enjoy learning activities during bath time
Bond and enjoy learning activities during bath time
Safety and peace of mind that comes with hearing in water

												Actual AB Users swimming with the
												        Neptune Sound Processor
"There has certainly been a lot of buzz at our local pool where Kaelan has been wearing the processor. The lifeguards are all so amazed at the technology and that she can hear in the pool. She can now hear the 3 whistles when the lifeguards tell everyone to get out of the pool… The Neptune has changed our lives." 

Kristi Fulford, mother of Kaelen, AB recipient

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