AB believes in putting its customers first. That’s why AB offers a whole range of services to ensure
you or your loved ones can count on getting the support you need. AB is your partner for life.

 AB promises to...
…field a qualified support team & set the gold standard in customer service.
“Good enough” isn’t when it comes to being an AB customer service representative. AB’s team is staffed by highly trained men and women who are experts on cochlear implants and troubleshooting. They’re also equipped to answer queries about insurance reimbursement, as well as general questions on cochlear implant technology and hearing. And if they can’t help you, they’ll find someone who can. Because AB’s not satisfied until you are.

…be accessible and responsive to your needs. 
When there's a problem that's affecting your hearing or the hearing of your child, minutes can seem like hours, and hours like days. So AB's customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday to provide you support when you need it.

…provide you with a rapid turnaround.
If your system isn’t working properly because of a malfunctioning part, you have a right to expect a replacement part ASAP.

…provide you and your family with a full range of services.
Along with everything else, AB will also help you find a cochlear implant clinic near you, send you information, and put you in touch with helpful associations and organizations—virtually anything you need to make the journey into hearing easier for you and your family.

AB's Commitment to You

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Comprehensive Warranty

Your internal implant is
covered for 10 years; the
external processor for three

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Highly trained representatives
provide immediate assistance to your needs.

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