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AB’s breakthrough ClearVoice strategy, built on our revolutionary HiRes Fidelity 120™ technology, is designed to help you or your child hear speech better for more effective, more confident communication. 
See why ClearVoice is the Clear Choice
Only ClearVoice automatically analyzes and adapts to every listening situation and separates speech from surrounding noise. ClearVoice has been developed to help you hear what’s being said no matter where your busy day takes you: a loud sporting event with friends, a sidewalk chat with a colleague on a busy street, or just listening to the radio in your car. And there’s no need to change programs or make a single adjustment to your processor. 

AB’s cochlear implant system with this groundbreaking technology innovation is designed to
 provide you with these important benefits: 

Improved Speech Clarity - In a noisy restaurant, a loud classroom, or any other
             challenging hearing environment, ClearVoice automatically separates words from
	 the surrounding noise, so you don’t miss a word of the conversation.
Greater Ease of Listening - No more straining to hear or constantly asking speakers
	 to repeat themselves; follow conversations more naturally, without the need to make
	 any adjustments to your processor.

Deb’s Hearing Improvement with ClearVoice
When they put me in the sound booth…my old program with background noise, listening to
 sentences was about 40 percent. With ClearVoice, I was able to go from 40 to 88 percent. That’s
 just a significant change!” 

— Deborah Lenihan of Alberta, Canada, implanted at age 36 

ClearVoice Success in Children
Initial results in adults using ClearVoice showed improvements in the ability to hear speech in noise.1 The Cochlear Implant Program at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa (CHEO), Canada, wanted to see if the same benefit could be seen in children. Twenty-four children already using Harmony processors with HiRes Fidelity 120 were tested with and without ClearVoice enabled. 

The results show a significant improvement, with more children achieving higher scores in noise.2 In noise, the children’s mean scores increased from 48% without ClearVoice to 67% with ClearVoice. 

Parents of the children were also asked to complete a short questionnaire to report how their child benefited from ClearVoice in everyday listening situations. At least two-thirds of the parents reported that their children found ClearVoice useful in the following situations:

Having a conversation in a car – 85% 
Listening to the teacher in the class room – 80%
Having a conversation in a group of people – 75%
Using a telephone (including a cell phone) – 66%

1.Haumann S, Buchner A, Lenarz Th. Does the Input Dynamic Range of Cochlear Implant Processors Influence Speech Perception in Adverse Listening Situations? Oral Presentation at the 10th International Conference on Cochlear Implant and Other Implantable Auditory Technologies, San Diego, CA. April 10-12, 2008. 
2. Schramm D, Pickard E, Beauregard Y, Moran L. Evaluation of the ClearVoice Strategy in Children using HiResolution Fidelity 120 Sound Processing. Poster Presentation at the 11th International Conference on Cochlear Implants and Other Implantable Auditory Technologies, Stockholm, SE. June 30-July 3, 2010.

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Improved Hearing in Noise with ClearVoice

Children Hear Better in Noise with ClearVoice

The results show a significant improvement with ClearVoice, with more children achieving higher scores in noise.2

As expected, ClearVoice was shown to sustain performance in quiet. However, in noise the children’s mean scores increased from 48% without ClearVoice to 67% with ClearVoice.2