A good cochlear implant is like a good referee at a sporting event: when it’s doing its
 job right, you shouldn’t even notice it’s there. AB has designed Harmony to be as
 intuitive and kid-friendly as possible. So your child can focus on listening instead of
 preparing to listen.
      Touch-friendly controls are easy to see and use and fully programmable for child-
	Environmentally friendly, “green” power options are easy to change, rechargeable, 
             cost effective, and available in two sizes
	Built-in diagnostic light provides important information at a glance to you, your
 	child, or your child’s teacher, including battery and communication status
	AB’s proprietary Intellilink™ safety feature protects and provides peace of mind by:
	Ensuring that the Harmony processor sends information only to your child’s
	Harmony implant
	Preventing stimulation if processors are accidentally swapped between users
	Preventing processor ear mismatches in bilateral Harmony users

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