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Experience the Ultimate Implant Performance
The Harmony™ System's HiRes 90K™ implant from AB features the most advanced sound processing available and unsurpassed programming flexibility for the world’s best hearing performance.4,5 To meet your hearing needs now and in the future, the Harmony System can be upgraded so that your hearing advances as the technology does—without surgery. Choosing AB allows you or your child to benefit from tomorrow’s technology with today’s implant.

· Small surgical size ideal for very young children

· Comfort forming shape

· Removable magnet for MRI scans

· HiFocus™ electrodes for neural targeting

· Neural Response Imaging diagnostics

· State-of-the-art integrated circuit computer technology

· Internal memory

· 16 independent output circuits

· Broadband data transmission

· Bidirectional telemetry

· 90K data updates per second

· Up to 83,000 stimulation pulses per second

· Up to 120 bands of spectral information



HiResolution™ sound processing programming:

· HiRes-P with Fidelity 120 (paired), HiRes-S with Fidelity 120 (sequential)

· HiRes-P (paired), HiRes-S (sequential)

· CIS and MPS modes

· Intellilink™ implant and processor association


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