Text Box: All cochlear implant systems are designed to help you hear…but 
only AB’s superior technology helps you hear your best in the real world.

The size and outward appearance of your cochlear implant system won’t help you or your child hear any better. To hear your best, you need what’s best on the inside. When you choose a cochlear implant system from AB, you benefit from superior internal technology now and external upgradeability for the future so that your hearing advances as the technology does—without the need for surgery. You can count on new innovations from AB to improve your quality of life.

Throughout its 16-year history, AB has consistently made the industry’s leading technological hearing advancements,
including superior temporal resolution, spectral resolution, dynamic range, and stimulation flexibility designed to be
the most like normal hearing. 

*Capability representative of software that is not commercially available from any cochlear implant manufacturer
Data on file.

“The Bionic Ear appeared to offer more potential for being upgraded in the future as new and better coding strategies and software became available
so that I could conceivably have more and better hearing.”—Michael Chorost, implanted at age 37

HiRes 90K ® circuitry (shown
above) provides nearly unlimited
ways to deliver stimulation—
including ways not invented
yet. It is the only device with
16 current sources.

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Harmony System

Nucleus 5 System

Maestro System

Why this Matters

Temporal Resolution
(Stimulation Rate, pulses
per second or pps)

Up to 83,000 pps

Up to 31,500 pps

Up to 50,000 pps

The faster the stimulation rate, the more accurate the timing of sound.

Spectral Resolution
(Spectral Bands)

Up to 120

Up to 22

Up to 12

The higher the resolution, the more detailed sound you hear.

Potential Pitch Percepts



Data not available

The more pitch percepts, the better the opportunity you have to differentiate sounds.

Input Dynamic Range (IDR) (Decibels or dB)

Up to 80 dB

45 dB

55 dB

The wider the range, the more sounds you hear.

Current Sources




Multiple current sources allow unique sound processing strategies. AB has 16. Cochlear has 1.

Stimulation Channels




Simultaneous channel stimulation is required for current steering, which delivers a fuller musical experience.

Listening Modes

BTE Mic, Telecoil,T-Mic

BTE Mic, Telecoil

BTE Mic, Telecoil

Connect to audio devices like normal-hearing people do; enjoy natural,focused listening.