Text Box: NUMBER ONE in System Reliability

By selecting the Harmony™ System, not only will you experience the highest reliability of internal components, you’ll also benefit from the highest reliability of external components, which means you can count on the Harmony System to keep you hearing your best day after day.

AB recognizes the need to improve the recipient’s experience with reliability. Over its 16-year history, AB has remained focused on making significant advancements in the reliability of its cochlear implant systems. Dramatic improvements have been achieved, positioning today’s AB cochlear implant system as number one in Total System Reliability. While researching reliability, make certain you have the most current data available.

Highest Internal Reliability
Made to last, AB cochlear implants implanted today demonstrate the industry’s leading reliability with a 99.6% two-year cumulative survival rate (CSR),8 a measure that defines the likelihood of a device continuing to function over time. You can rest assured that an AB cochlear implant will continue to work so that you always hear your best.
Highest External Reliability
Built to survive real-world conditions, including rain, perspiration, and moisture, Harmony’s sound processors are more than 99% reliable based on a three-month averaged failure rate of less than 1%8, which means that you will hear longer without interruption.
Guaranteed Water Protection
All of Harmony’s behind-the-ear internal electronics feature advanced water protection with a Xylex™ case that resists water penetration and a special coating that provides a waterproof barrier. AB backs this water protection with a three-year warranty.

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AB adheres to the highest reliability standards
in the medical device industry.

All three manufacturers report over 99.5% reliability
for their
internal devices1,2,3 but real reliability is when
you can count on the
entire system to hear your best AB’s external processor has the lowest

average 3-month failure rate of less than 1%


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