HiResolution™ (HiRes™) Sound-It's All in the Details
Text Box: The higher the resolution of a digital camera, the more detailed the photo. More resolution on a television screen or computer monitor means a sharper picture. And, in the world of sound, the higher the resolution of a cochlear implant, the more complete the sound picture, which translates into better hearing.

More Resolution Means Better Hearing in any Environment

Harmony with HiRes delivers five times more resolution than other cochlear implant system, so it more accurately mimics a normal-hearing human ear. That means you hear better in virtually any environment—a noisy classroom, a loud movie theater, a quiet museum, wherever life takes you or your child. Harmony’s HiRes® feature picks up more of the details that make sounds richer and your hearing more complete. Details like the inflections and nuances of speech, a knock or ping in a car engine that lets you know something’s not right, or the complex layers of a musical arrangement the composer intended you to hear.

No other cochlear implant system delivers sound with as much accuracy as Harmony with HiRes

Harmony Delivers Great Sound Accuracy

Harmony’s HiRes® Sound is designed to deliver the pitch and timing of sound with great accuracy so you can hear music or hear in noise more like people with normal hearing. First, only HiRes® offers 120 spectral bands for unsurpassed spectral (pitch) resolution so that you or your child will hear all the colorful details of sound. Other implants with only one current source limit stimulation to one electrode at a time, thereby limiting the number of spectral bands to the number of electrodes (at most 22). Only Harmony has multiple current sources—one for every electrode, so two or more electrodes can be stimulated at the same time. This simultaneous stimulation allows current to be “steered” between electrodes giving Harmony recipients 120 spectral bands. Only with HiRes Fidelity120™ can you hear many more pitches than the number of electrodes implanted in the ear. In fact, some recipients have heard over 460 pitches.**

Second, HiRes Sound delivers the timing of sound more accurately than other implants by using a fast stimulation rate. Fast-rate stimulation reproduces the details of sound with great accuracy, like a normal-hearing ear. Slow stimulation rates, like those used in other implants, lose important timing information, making it more difficult to hear in noise or to enjoy music.
* * Firszt JB, Koch DB, Downing M, Litvak L. (2007) Current steering creates additional pitch percepts in adult cochlear implant recipients. Otology and Neurotology, 28(5):629–636.
Only HiRes Improves the Music Experience

Other systems without HiRes don’t capture the
complete window of sound or deliver
the resolution you need to hear the details.

Harmony with HiRes captures the most complete window
of sound and delivers the highest resolution.
The higher the resolution, the more details you hear.

Other implants claim they are capable of delivering
high spectral resolution,but only Harmony actually
delivers 120spectral bands.

Harmony’s fast stimulation rate more
accurately mimics the timing of sound than the
slow stimulation rates used in other implants.

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